The JikJi Heart Sutra 2 (직지심경)
The Road to the Eternal Happiness

The JikJi Heart Sutra 2 (직지심경)

지은이 : 유현종
출간일 : 2019-04-26
ISBN : 9791163475033
판매가 : 10,000원
포멧 : ePub


The JikJI Haert Sutra is well known as a movable metal type and listed as a world cultural heritage in UNESCO. But actally it is not well known in content. So I would like to introduce 'The JikJI Haert Sutra' in detail through tis book.
This book contains a lot of mysterious Zen Q&A and Zen monks' communication between teachers and deciples. Their communication is only focussed on true realization just like Buddha made.
Buddha opened a way to get true happiness. If you want to get happiness in your mind, you always need to be mindful. This book shows how Zen monks are always mindful in Zen communication and how they teach their deciples in a various ways.


41. One volume of the Sutra
42. How to get out of the sound and shape
43. A drop of water of the Jogye (曹溪源)
44. The fundamental of having never stayed
45. The great Dharma (法) hard to tell

46. Having achieved long ago, but need drawing Buddha’s eyes (點眼)
47. Resting is the job of this life
48. Trace the No Mind (無心)!
49. The tree which is indifferent
50. How about this right way?

51. Out of True Nature occurs causality (緣起)
52. Enlightened by the word‘Shameful of yourself?’
53. What right way is there?
54. Seeing peach flow
55. The Dharma which will become an object of recognition does not have a single oneer and enlightened the Dharma

56. The meaning of standing a pair of chopsticks up
57. obsessing with the second right-way (第二頭)
58. Don't Judge by its looks
59. Pie in the sky can't fill up hungry tummy
60. My feature of 100 years later

61. Light up the great thing to do
62. This Bamboo tree grows this long!
63. Avoid soul-bearer's eye (靈駕)
64. Every Dharma (萬法) leads to one Mind
65. The right way (理致) does not have its body

66. The right way that a well is looking at a donkey
67. The sound that a snake bites a frog
68. born from the shadow of the calm light
69. Every piece of splitted chinaberry tree is incense (香)
70. The work of sowing seed, harvesting, and having meal

71. Beating you three times with a club
72. Getting enlightened is not enlightened yet
73. Parents Body and true body
74. Being pure in itself, but all nature comes into existence suddenly
75. It can be a hometown wherever you are

76. Enlightened that ‘dogs have no Buddhahood (佛性)’
77. Don’t be followed by useless thinking (虛妄)
78. Where do you want to see me?
79. Being No-Mind by yourself
80. Being No-Mind by yourself



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