Sky and Wind and Stars and Poems

Sky and Wind and Stars and Poems

지은이 : 서강진
출간일 : 2019-05-10
ISBN : 9791163475095
판매가 : 7,500원
포멧 : PDF


It is very difficult to translate the literary works of Korea into a foreign language, and so it can’t be done without mental anguish and tenacity.

Especially, in the case of a poem, its implication and nuance makes the translation difficult, and can result in a mistranslation and a reader’s misunderstanding.

I, as the translator of this book, get pleasure from reading the classics of the Orient all the time, and through this I am accustomed to the habit of soothing so-so life which stealthily approaches me.

Based on these understanding and habit, I, from the English department, decided to translate these poems into English while I think of doing something valuable and enhancing my presence.

What we can possibly make a mistake in translating a poem into a foreign language is that we are likely to translate it as we describe it.

I translated these poems which the author wrote as they are, and this book is written in easy and suitable English.

I have translated the national poet of Korea, Yun, Dong-Ju’s poems into English and give it to the world. I dare to hope that this book will be read all over the world.



•(Prologue) Sky And Wind And Stars And Poems
•Snowing On The Map
•Night After Coming Back
•New Road
•Street With No Sign
•Morning Of The Beginning Of The World
•Again, Morning Of The Beginning Of The World
•Until Dawn Comes
•Scary Time
•Wind Is Blowing
•Sorrowful Face
•Going With Eyes Closed
•Another Hometown
•Night In Counting Stars
•White Shadows
•Lovely Memory
•Flowing Street
•Poem Written Easily
•Portrait Of Younger Brother
•Mountain Valley Water
•Sleepless Night
•Like The Moon
•Red Pepper Field
•Hall Of Love
•Unusual Act
•Night In Raining
•Birobong Peak
•Afternoon Of The Ravine
•Sudden Shower
•Moonlit Night
•Dusk Turned Into The Sea
•Dream Has Broken
•Such A Day
•Sunny Place
•Chest 1
•Chest 3
•Southern Sky
•Blue Sky
•On The Street
•Life And Death
•Rumbling Of A Mountain
•Sunflower’s Face
•Cricket And I
•Baby’s Dawn
•Sunlight • Wind
•Pattern Of Korean Sock
•What Do They Live On?
•Roofing Tile Couple
•Bed-wetter’s Map
•Turgenev’s Hill
•Meal Ticket
•At Moranbong
•Afternoon’s Ballpark
•Sick Rose
•No Tomorrow
-At Young Mind’s Asking
•Hometown House
-Sung In Manju
•Fall Night
•Old man
•After Raining




1917년 만주 북간도 명동 출생
연희전문 문과 졸업
일본 릿쿄대학 영문과 입학
일본 도시샤대학 영문과 편입
1945년 일본 큐슈 후쿠오카 형무소에서 옥사


충남대학교 영문과 졸업
입시학원 및 외국어학원에서 강의함

나홀로 영어해석법(ebook, pod)
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